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Group news: Celebration

December 22, 2021

Min Yang successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Yang!

Chenyu will start her academic career soon at Shandong University. Congratulations, Prof. Yao!


Group news: Award

September 24, 2021

Our spin-off, LaSense Technology Ltd., wins the first runner up in the CUHK Entrepreneurship Competition 2021. 


Invited talk by Prof. Ren

September 23, 2021

Wei Ren gives an invited talk on laser-based gas sensing techniques at the 1st CUHK Innovation Day.  Our project of highly sensitive gas sensing system is featured in the exhibition.


New grant awarded

August 23, 2021

Wei Ren is awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund (国家优秀青年科学基金) 2021 to develop novel laser diagnostics for flow fields.


Invited talk by Prof. Ren

July 21, 2021

Wei Ren gives an invited talk at the 5th National Laser Spectroscopic Technology Meeting, Dalian, China.


Invited talk by Prof. Ren

July 3, 2021

Wei Ren gives an invited talk (Webinar) at the 26th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference, Hong Kong.


New grant awarded

June 30, 2021

Wei Ren is awarded the RGC GRF grant for developing novel gas sensors.


New grant awarded

May 1, 2021

Wei Ren is awarded a new ITF grant (科技部国家重点研发计划-政府间国际科技创新合作重点专项) for developing intelligent sensing system for energy saving and pollutant monitoring.


Invited talk by Prof. Ren

Mar. 29, 2021

Wei Ren gives an invited talk (Webinar) to the Mechanical Engineering Department, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.


New group members

May 3, 2021

Dr. Yongbin Ji joins our group as a postdoc researcher, and new PhD students Mr. Yue Yan and Ms. Qinxue Nie join us. Welcome!


Group news: Award

Mar. 23, 2021

We receive gold medal for developing Highly Sensitive Gas Sensing and Control System in the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2021 (CUHK news).


LaSense news

Jan. 19, 2021

LaSense Technology, the spin-off company from our lab, completes the multi-million yuan angel round of financing to apply laser-based sensors for energy industry (36Kr news).

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