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The Laser Diagnostics and Combustion Laboratory aims to design and build state-of-the-art sensors for detecting the species of interest across broad areas. We also develop laser-based new optical methods applied for trace gas sensing, gas-phase species characterization. We use the principles of optics, chemistry, electronics, biology to create new models, tools, theories to accelerate discoveries in engineering and science!


Research Interests

Energy & environment

  • Combustion and environmental chemistry

  • Fossil and alternative fuels

  • Shock tube physics

  • Environmental monitoring

Combustion diagnostics

  • Laser absorption/dispersion spectroscopy

  • Wavelength/frequency modulation spectroscopy

  • Combustion exhaust monitoring

Spectroscopic methods

  • Frequency comb spectroscopy

  • Photoacoustic/photothermal spectroscopy

  • Dispersion spectroscopy

  • Cavity-enhanced spectroscopy

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